Oops! I did it again!

Well, it’s been just over a week since our little lamb found his way onto our couch and into our hearts.  In a moment filled with impulse, I drove my girls this morning to a farm a few towns over and came home with a two-week-old girlfriend for our little guy.  She’s quiet and sweet and has very fine manners (unlike her roommate who guzzles his formula from a Bass beer bottle fitted with a nipple and jumps on the furniture with as much zeal as our two 70 pound dogs.)  I think she’s going to be a good influence on our baby ram.  The best part about the whole deal (so far,) is that I got our lamb out of our kitchen and into the barn where he belongs.  He’s got a friend to share his stall with and, with any luck, she will teach him that he is, in fact, a sheep and not a dog!  I’ll have to see how his first night in the barn goes.  So far, I’m not feeling very positive.  The last time I checked, little Millie was bedded down and Chief Fluffy (my daughter got to pick his name!) was pacing around, not knowing how to sleep without his pillow and fleece blanket.  Transitions are hard.  Just ask our daughters – particularly the one who cried for over an hour when we told her that he wasn’t allowed in the house anymore!


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